Republican - Congressional Reistricting Plan

Posted by Jeffrey Johnson Labels:


The Republican Plan, released on Monday, has about as much chance of getting approved by Governor Dayton as I do of winning the Powerball Jackpot tonight, virtually Nil.

So why make the proposals, it is called Negotiations, you start at what you really want and than work you way towards an agreement. The problem is Governor Dayton holds to many cards for the Republicans in this case.

The Republican Proposal is an attempt to make the reelection of it's four Republican Congresspeople easier, notably Chip Cravaack in CD 8 who has at best an uphill battle to hold onto his seat.

There are some nice things about the Republican Plan, like separating St. Paul and Minneapolis, which they have done in the past. However to do so they did some weird lines, including dividing my city of Woodbury into multiple Congressional Districts which runs counter to state law, except where necessary.

Also intresting on the Changes to the 6th CD, which on map doesn't shed much but supposidily drops several hundred thousand voters, got to say I don't believe it.