Liquor Sales on Sunday

Posted by Jeffrey Johnson Labels:

In Minnesota we are one of 13 states that does not allow Liquor Sales on Sunday or a number of Federal Holidays and recently a push has been made to change our Sate Laws to allow this and make other changes to our Liquor Sales system.

The problem of course you looking at making a change and you must ask is who benefits?
Obviously the consumers benefits, but do they really?

Liquor Sales on Sunday will cut into minimal profits of many smaller, Mom and Pop Owned or Community Owned Liquor Stores. This will greatly hurt those stores in the out state area where sales on Sunday will be negligible. Allow me to explain, my parents had a small business with a Liquor License while I was growing up, even in Wisconsin Liquor Sales on Sunday where an incredible small portion of their sales. It wasn't that Joe Schmoe and his friends didn't buy a bottle of Wine or a Case of Beer, rather it was just one or two people. So the reality is it is just a minor convenience to the individual who forget to buy that one item.
Minnesota requires that Liquor Business be broken up into separate business, so unlike my parents who also sold groceries and gas, these are just Liquor Stores. How many of these businesses are going to turn a profit for being open on Sunday, my guess is damn few. These businesses are not going to have enough in sales to justify being open but will be required to.

To continue to make their current level of income that means the cost of Beer, Liquor, and Wine will have to increase so that one person in several hundred who wants to buy an Alcoholic Beverage for Off-Sale purchase.

In my opinion unless you are going to overhaul a great number of Liquor Laws this one should be left alone.