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As promised…

Several weeks ago I indicated that I would post my opinions of the position of the Independence Party and how the campaigns were run.

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I was a delegate at the Independence Party State Convention way back in June..
I should have supported Jim Haviland for US Senate rather than Robert Fitzgerald and I think the party would have been better off if more people would have done so. That is not to say that I think Jim Haviland would have been a better candidate rather it would have freed up Robert to run for different office.
I never thought even in my wildest dreams that Robert Fitzgerald would have even the slightest chance of winning in this election. I think several things were working against him, okay 25 Million things were working against him, but other problems also were against him; Age Experience and okay Money. If Robert would have been say a State Senator than suddenly rather than say 3% he could have drawn 11% or better; it’s all about developing the party’s future.

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I think the Minneapolis Star Tribune Endorsement of Mike Hatch summed it up best. “But winning the office and succeeding once there require an ability to sell ideas, build broad support, assemble allies in the Legislature and mobilize voters -- all things that Hutchinson and the weak IP have thus far failed to do.”
I honestly believe that Tim Penny and Peter Hutchinson are two of the most intelligent men I have ever met when it comes to Governmental Financing, however neither was most personable people, not that they didn’t try mind you.
Looking forward to the future if I had to choose a Lt. Governor Candidate either one would be great choice, as long as you can find a very personable Governor Candidate.

To be Continued

Election Coverage

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You know it is bad coverage when *I* decide to watch a repeat of poker on ESPN instead of election news.

ABC - Where did they find these people?
CBS - Kouric wasn't too bad but everyone she talked to seemed to want to be somewhere else.
CNN - Interesting Graphics, but way too many people were talking and no one seemed to be "in charge".
FOX - I guess it was just a really bad day to be a republician, or republician supporter.
NBC - Did they have election coverage? On a local side they weren't too bad, except showing all of Senator Elect Klobuchar speech.

Predictions for Tonight.

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Okay Jeff's Predicitions

Pawlentey - 43%
Hatch - 42%
Hutchinson - 14%
Other - 1%

Klobachar - 51%
Kennedy - 40 %
Fitzgerald - 8%
Other - 1%

US House 1
Gutknecht defeats

US House 2
Kline defeats

US House 3
Ramstad defeats

US House 4
McCollumn defeats

US House 5
Ellison - 41%
Lee - 35%
Fine - 22%
Other - 2%

US House 6
Wetterling - 46%
Bachmann - 46%
Binkowski - 8%

US House 7
Peterson defeats

US House 8
Oberstar defeats