Exclusion of Robert Fitzgerald from the MNN/MFN US Senate Candidate Debate.

Posted by Jeffrey Johnson

I have been informed that the Minnesota News Network / Minnesota Farm Network has decided to exclude Independence Party Candidate Robert Fitzgerald from thier US Senate Candidate debate on November 2 in Rochester.

One must wonder where such exclusionary and arbitrary practices are supposed to accomplish. Democracy is built upon the foundation that the voters are given the opportunity to make the best choice in their personal opinion. Suppressing the opinions of any candidate diminishes democracy suppressing the opinions and views of a Major Party Candidate are unheard of, unless you believe the rhetoric put forth by some in the other Major parties.

Three weeks ago, they set an arbitrary 10% polling threshold as a requirement for inclusion and all of our appeals have failed. This is despite the following facts/conventional precedents:

· On 9/1/06, Robert’s opponents Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy conceded that Robert should be included in all debates.

· The threshold for major party status is 5% of the vote in a statewide race.

· Most other media outlets use either a 5% polling threshold or a major party status standard. Robert has met both of these (the only exceptions are Minnesota Public Radio which only uses major party status and Debate Minnesota which only uses a 5% polling threshold both included Robert).

· Robert has easily exceeded the 5% threshold in numerous polls reaching a high of 9% despite marginal media coverage.

· The Independence Party of Minnesota has maintained Major Party Status since 1994 and is on solid ground to continue that through 2008 at the very least.


Back Sort Of...

Posted by Jeffrey Johnson

It’s been a tough summer in the Johnson Household. Three separate major medical emergencies have hit home, involving my wife, my mother and myself. It surprising where time goes when not so great things are happening in your personal life.

While I am not going to have the time to make this blog extremely active over the next couple of weeks, I am going to post some of my views.