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I'll get some more posts up later this week. With work and my other job I been really busy.

I have some interesting thoughts on the CD5



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Stephen Williams's decision to run in the primary election.

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I spent several evening attempting to confirm that Stephen Williams had decided to run in the September Primary. Unfortunately I must rely on a news report which says he is.

At the IP State Convention Stephen only mustered 14 votes on the first ballot out of 250 plus votes, which is about 5%. So I must say I am perplexed by Stephen’s choice, I doubt he can get too many more votes in the Primary than he got in the State Convention. His chance is probably so small that Robert Fitzgerald will completely ignore him and concentrate on the General Election.

This is a completely different case than Ford Bell’s decision to run against Klobuchar in the Primary for the DFL nod. Ford decided he could not muster the votes at the state convention to win the nomination and rather than creating in-fighting and dissention at the DFL state convention by not attending.
Ford Bell has raised between three quarters of a million and one million Dollars to support his candidacy. This is a substantial amount to which he can use the entire amount before the Primary which can not be done by Klobuchar. She must plan on the big fight before the federal election.